Brno Absinthe Tour

Brno Absinthe Tour

Brno Absinthe Tour

so 26. listopad 2016, 18:30 uskutečněná akce
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Meeting point: Františkánská 1 (Terranova corner - Masarykova street)

Brno absinthe tour is a local touring experience, offering you something more than just a tour. We decided, to give you a unique chance to experience the classical bar­-hopping format, with a little bit of history to it. The wonderful fusion of carefully selected bars serving absinthe in different variations, accompanied by carefully and entertainingly crafted history of absinthe lesson all while being taken care of by experienced hosts fuses into an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.

  • tour with a young English speaking guide
  • well-prepared bartenders
  • a story behind the choice and order of the bars
  • amazing bars, which you would have trouble finding on your own
  • drinks included:

3 bars = 3 drinks,

- first bar: absinthe cocktail
- second bar: a shot of macerate
- third bar: a shot of specially chosen absinthe brand with decadent ritual

& sweet absinthe ball

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Brno Absinthe Tour
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