koncert Drab Majesty & Charnier & Dirty Picnic

Drab Majesty & Charnier & Dirty Picnic

Drab Majesty & Charnier & Dirty Picnic

Čt 21. duben 2016, 20:00 uskutečněná akce
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tragic wave, goth mid-fi, post wave
Drab Majesty is the solo project of Deb DeMure (AKA Andrew Clinco), who's also part of Marriages (on Sargent House Records, home of Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles...) and self describes his music as "tragic wave" or goth mid-fi. His album "Careless", released last Summer through DAIS Records (Youth Code, Genesis P-Orridge, King Dude, High-Functionning Flesh, Cold Cave...).

dark wave, minimal synth, drone
Charnier is a Brussels based trio developing a large range of frantic and higly energetic sounds composed by a wavy bass and gloomy vocals (David), stark electonics and beats (Gilles) and glassy but straightforward guitar sounds (Pierre). They're currently releasing their first album on vinyl through Weyrd Son Records (Aril) after it made its first steps on cassette, released in October by Wool--E-Tapes. 

electro synth pop


Dirty Picnic
Drab Majesty
ne 1. červenec 20:00
O2 Arena, Praha
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