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Birdboy - Divadlo Ponec

Information about theatre play

Once upon a time there was a boy who wished to be a bird. He wished he could just fly away and be free. The dance performance Birdboy offers a glimpse into the protagonist's psyche. Within an overwhelmed mind, a cacophony of ideas, fears, and imaginations vie for space in a world where fitting in proves challenging.

Birdboy is dedicated to all those who don't fit in. It is for all young people still navigating the journey of self-discovery, where the quest for their own uniqueness can evoke anxiety and foster a sense of isolation in the world.

Dancer Kévin Coquelard's dynamic solo is a celebration of all outsiders and all the weirdness people indulge in when they feel like no one is watching. One moment he is frantically lost in his own world and the next he is withdrawn into isolation and loneliness. The process he goes through on stage is both humorous and moving and offers the viewer a deep sense of liberation from the prejudices of today's world. Emma Martin's choreography is raw and grotesque, but above all it delves deeply into the experiences and perceptions of those who are different.

The performance uses spoken word in English.
Suitable for the viewers over 8 years of age.

Emma Martin graduated from the prestigious John Cranko School in Stuttgart and Trinity College in Dublin. As a choreographer, she creates multidisciplinary work that has spilled into film, installation, opera and theatre. Her work explores the friction between rawness and delicacy, high art and popular culture, past and future, order and chaos, homage and intent. She founded her own production company, United Fall, and presents her productions across Europe and Great Britain.

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Birdboy - Divadlo Ponec
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