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Chotto Desh - Divadlo Archa

Information about theatre play

*Akram Khan Company is delighted to return in 2024 with its family-friendly production of Chotto Desh. Adapted by Theatre-Rites’ director, Sue Buckmaster, in 2015 from Akram Khan’s Olivier Award-winning solo and critically acclaimed Desh, this heart-warming story follows a young man trying to find his place in the world.

This production captures the attention and imagination of a new generation of young audiences. Through warm and gentle poetics, the creative team asks the viewer timeless questions: How should we find our place in the world? Where do we belong? Who do we really want to be? An engaging and largely autobiographical story of a boy whose dreams and memories span from early childhood to adulthood, from Britain to Bangladesh, dancing between stage and screen. Chotto Desh is a celebration of the strength of the human spirit to cope even in the modern chaotic world of blaring sirens, the voices of mobile operators and own doubts. A mixture of classical Indian kathak and contemporary dance with a combination of storytelling, dreamlike animations and original music, the production is a spectacle for both young and old. Chotto Desh is a moving solo of one dancer and many stories. With its playfulness, lightness and accessibility, it will captivate everyone who is looking for a refuge from today's fast-paced world. Khan's movement language transcends cultures and generations.

The performance uses spoken word in English, sudden loud noises and darkness.

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Chotto Desh - Divadlo Archa
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