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Encantado - Nová scéna Národního Divadla

Information about theatre play

Lia Rodrigues is an icon of the Brazilian dance scene, and the audience can enter her mysterious and colourful world for the very first time in Prague. What exactly lies behind the word "encantado" is inscribed in African American culture inseparably from nature. It is a spontaneous celebration of tradition and life, a wild jungle teeming with colour and movement and radiating vital energy.

Derived from Latin, the word "encantado" refers to something that has been enchanted. In Brazil, the word also refers to mysterious beings associated with nature that travel through time and can heal with magical power. They are magical, enchanted entities moving between the sky and the earth, in the jungle, in the water or in the plants. The phenomenon of the encantados inspired a dance production by Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças, which was created in response to the pandemic and the associated health crisis. Artistic creation is also a magical discipline in its own way. It must begin with some kind of incantation that causes various living beings to meet and forms them into a composition. How to dispel fears and get closer to oneself? How to enchant own thoughts and body and turn them into sacred images and landscapes? Encantado is a spontaneous celebration of African American culture, tradition and life.

The performance contains nudity.

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Encantado - Nová scéna Národního Divadla
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