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Rukavičkářské závody - Divadlo Ponec

Information about theatre play

The skin is the embodiment of a thin line that separates the inner from the outer world. A sensory organ with which one perceives the surrounding world, a rare material. The surface of the body can also reflect what's inside. Skin is hypersensitive, as is society as a whole – exposed and scared. What does it say about a person and what is its value? It can no longer protect the people in the world they have created, so they prefer to go through it “with gloves on”.

Since time immemorial people have been killing animals to wear their skins on their own. To warm them, protect them, beautify them. People take upon themselves the responsibility for prioritizing the utility of the surface over the preservation of life within. Over time, the leathermaking craft is dying out. Not because the society don't want to continue wearing flexible and tough leather, but because people have been replaced by machines. They don't want to have anything to do with death anymore.

In Glove Concern, human and animal are in an embrace. Which of them is an endangered species and what is actually dying out here? The viewers will have a chance to put their in the skin of someone or something else for a moment.

Czech and English are spoken in the performance, a translation can be found in the printed program.

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There are no events planned but you can follow the venue play Rukavičkářské závody - Divadlo Ponec. If a new event comes up, we’ll let you know.


Rukavičkářské závody - Divadlo Ponec

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