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Lush Blast

Lush Blast

past event tue 2. july 2024, 19:00
Studio Alta U Českých loděnic 4, Prague, cz
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Information about theatre play

Can dance mend our ties to the land and intimately imbricate us? Lush Blast is a walking performance in an urban park, exploring the relations between natural and artificial, wild and domesticated and cultural representations about nature. Four performers guide the audience through varying spaces and situations, asking what remains of the wilderness in Europe and in people. Using their physicalities and voices, they constantly morph their presences in a quest to become something other than human, inviting the viewers into a sensual feast and cruel battlefield. After spending time in the Carpathian Wilderness, the choreographers want to re-articulate power as a vital force rather than a tool of control. What would happen if humanity gave up controlling and exploiting nature? What should be sacrificed for this to happen? The performance is performed in Czech and English.


Studio Alta, U Českých loděnic 4, Prague
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