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Sat 24. July 2021 20:30
past event
Buranteatr Kounicova 22, Brno, cz
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Interview with the Master. The creation, which is made up of dance, gestures, poetry and voice, depicts the inner transformations of man connected with the awareness of his own essence.

It reflects the experience of separation and unity that can be likened to the growth of a tree. In the beginning there is a small seed, a grain in which all its further development is encoded. From the small grain grows a tree. The unique piece. Indeed, its growth and existence is in every detail connected with its surroundings. Only in this awareness is the whole formed. The alley. The world. Only in this awareness it becomes complete. These changes are accompanied by the question: Who am I? The small grain? The alley? Sometimes the grain, sometimes the alley. Basically both. Through an interview with the Master it is possible to embark on this changing path…

The performance was co-produced by the association ZDRUHESTRANY and the theater BURANTEATR.




Buranteatr Kounicova 22, Brno
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