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Unity in Motion

Unity in Motion

past event fri 21. june 2024, 20:00


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Paradoxical Bodies
In the realm of the human body's intricate essence, adrenaline and endorphins take center stage, harmonizing to define our physiological and emotional crescendos. They are the protagonists of an ongoing drama within us, where the balance and interplay between these two hormones are essential. The inspiration for Paradoxical Bodies was the original duet Endless Talks with Ladji Kone, where Yana decided to take the feminine principle beyond the energy of man and woman, connecting two different cultures. The new duet with Nika Horiacha portrays two completely different characters and experiences: endorphin and adrenaline. Even though the two women are in harmony, they can be so different. Body Shelter
The intimate solo Body Shelter delves into the profound fear that many people harbour internally but few muster the courage to articulate. Young dancer and choreographer Vitaliia Vaskiv exposes her emotional inner landscape, rife with conflicts, to the audience through a delicate yet dynamic solo performance. Despite her face being concealed by hair, viewers can discern even the most intimate emotional nuances through the movements of her body. A Minute of Silence
In the short solo A Minute of Silence, Ukrainian dancer Diana Durnieva tries to artistically capture the last minutes of human life. With emotional and dramatic choreography set against the backdrop of a poignant Ukrainian folk song, this performance celebrates human courage and the willingness to make sacrifices for national identity, culture and tradition. Without Echo
People go through lives surrounded by incessant noise. While they may yearn for silence and tranquillity, the complete absence of sound can drive people mad. How has the relentless clamour of civilization etched itself into our consciousness? Ukrainian artist Yuliia Hrysyna explores these themes in her original short solo Without Echo. The performance uses spoken word in English. Suitable for viewers over 16 years old.


Divadlo Ponec, Husitská 24a, Prague
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