Festival Nová generace: Inner Place + Lonely Bird + Umění manipulace

Festival Nová generace: Inner Place + Lonely Bird + Umění manipulace

Festival Nová generace: Inner Place + Lonely Bird + Umění manipulace

pá 13. listopad 2015 uskutečněná akce
Studio Alta Najít ubytování
U Výstaviště 21, Praha
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Informace o akci

Inner Place

„The impulse to create „Inner place“ was the need for freedom and ability to be yourself. The inner freedom and strength emanating from it has become the biggest stimulus for creative action . This etiude is the desire of exploration and breaking with old patterns . The main inspiration to create this short form was found in text published by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow „Art and freedom”.

Lonely Bird

How many of you haven’t found a perfect place to live yet? People are traveling around the world searching for their dreamy place and trying to adapt to different places for ages. This piece was made as a result of one month trip to China. Totally new environment and behavior of local people had made the creator of this piece lost in his mind and body. A lot of people, noises, smells and colors has influenced him on many levels. Being surrounded by bunch of new things at one time made him more open and curious and as a result he had been becoming frustrated and closed on account of too many stimuluses. The “Lonely Bird” is a reflection of human being’s journey in life and has an individual and personal voice of the choreographer at the same time. When feeling overwhelmed by surroundings the only way out is escaping to the nature.

Umění manipulace

Řízený mechanismus, blízký dotek, dech. Chtíč, obnažená těla, anonymní onanie. Manipulace jako element zasahující do lidských životů, jako základní touha po moci, jako základní potřeba být manipulován.

po 16. říjen 20:00
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Čt 19. říjen 18:30
Žižkostel, Praha
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