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Brutal Assault 2019

Wed 7. — Sat 10. August 2019
past event
Pevnost Josefov Okružní, Jaroměř, cz
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Information about the festival

Brutal Assault festival with its 24th volume invites the fans to the Josefov fortress. The lineup is not based on all-capturing headliners but is delicately curated and presents motley collection of more than 130 artists, that will widen your horizons. The festival also celebrates other forms of dark art with exhibitions, talks or cinema and offers great selection of fantastic drinks and food.

Headliners 2019

Lineup / Schedule

Meshuggah Sweden, metal
Napalm Death United Kingdom, grindcore
Parkway Drive Australia, metalcore
A Pale Horse Named Death United States, gothic metal
Aborted Belgium, metal
After the Burial United States, metal
Agnostic Front United States, crossover thrash
Alien Weaponry New Zealand, metal
Anaal Nathrakh United Kingdom, black metal
Anathema United Kingdom, rock
Animals as Leaders United States, djent
Antaeus black death
Anthrax United States, groove metal
Au-Dessus chaotic black metal
Batushka Poland, metal
Čad Slovakia, hardcore
Car Bomb United States, chaotic hardcore
Carcass United Kingdom, alternative metal
Caspian compositional ambient
Combichrist aggrotech
Counting Hours Finland, rock
Coven doom metal
Crystal Lake big room
Cult of Luna Sweden, metal
Cytotoxin Germany, brutal death metal
Daughters United States, rock
Decapitated Poland, metal
Decultivate Czech Republic, hardcore
Deicide United States, black metal
Destruction Germany, crossover thrash
Diablo Swing Orchestra Sweden, gothic metal
Dimmu Borgir Norway, metal
Discharge United Kingdom, crust punk
Dr. Living Dead crossover thrash
Ektomorf Hungary, metal
Electric Wizard United Kingdom, metal
Emperor Norway, metal
Ensiferum Finland, metal
Exumer Germany, thrash metal
Eyehategod United States, rock
Frog Leap Norway, metal
Get The Shot Canada, hardcore
Gorod France, brutal death metal
Gost United States, deep chiptune
Gutalax Czech Republic, goregrind
Heilung Denmark, medieval
Hellhammer black death
Hexis blackgaze
Higher Power United Kingdom, hardcore
Hypocrisy Sweden, metal
Immolation United States, metal
Incantation metal
Iron Reagan United States, crossover thrash
Jinjer Ukraine, metal
Jungle Rot United States, brutal death metal
Kraanium Norway
Krisiun Brazil, metal
Lionheart United States, hardcore
Manes Norway, avantgarde metal
Metal Church United States, metal
Mgła Poland, voidgaze
Midnight United States, black death
Monster Magnet United States, stoner metal
Myrkur Denmark, metal
Necros Christos Germany, metal
Nordjevel black metal
Oceans of Slumber United States, doom metal
Of Mice & Men United States, metalcore
Omnium Gatherum Finland, death metal
Perfecitizen Czech Republic, deathgrind
Primordial Ireland, metal
Prong United States
Raised Fist Sweden, hardcore
Rotting Christ Greece, metal
Sacred Reich United States
Saor United Kingdom, folk metal
Shape Of Despair Finland, doom metal
Sick Of It All United States, hardcore
Skeletal Remains grisly death metal
Slapshot United States, crossover thrash
Sodom Germany, metal
Soilwork Sweden, metal
Taake Norway, metal
Tankard Germany, crossover thrash
Testament United States, metal
The Arson Project deathgrind
The Contortionist United States
The Obsessed United States, metal
The Ocean atmospheric post-metal
Therion Sweden, folk metal
Thy Art Is Murder United States, death core
Toska England, metal
Unfathomable Ruination United Kingdom, death metal
Vampillia post-doom metal
Vargrav Finland, metal
Ved Buens Ende avantgarde metal
Voivod Canada, black thrash
Vulvodynia South Africa
Walls of Jericho United States, metalcore
Winhand United States, metal
Wolfbrigade Sweden, crust punk
Wormed Spain, metal
Zuriaake oriental metal



Brutal Assault 2019
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